I should like to laugh,and be happy and be full of joy and have those to love and have beauty in all it's forms and never hurt a soul. I like brown skin, free reading material and big hair. I'm trying to be better.


Tipsy J-Kwon
Self explanatory, I ain’t gotta say I’m rich
This single man ain’t tryna get hitched
Nigga waste it on me, man, son of a bitch
Brushed it all off now I’m back to gettin’ lit
Grisa orange juice, man, this some good ish
Homeboy trippin’ cause I’m starin’ at his chick
Now he on the sideline starin’ at my clique.

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Ferguson is about many things, starting first with race and policing in America. But it’s also about internet, net neutrality and algorithmic filtering. It’s a clear example of why “saving the Internet”, as it often phrased, is not an abstract issue of concern only to nerds, Silicon Valley bosses, and few NGOs. It’s why “algorithmic filtering” is not a vague concern.

—    What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson: Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering and Ferguson (via azspot)

what’s funny about this to me is that some asshole on io9 tried to tell me I didn’t understand algorithmic filtering when I tried to explain to him what was happening to discussions about ferguson.


(via negressive)

(via negressive)